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Heavy Duty Stapler

The 650S5-1 features Dial-a-Depth power control for variable fastener penetration and 360° exhaust for a cleaner working environment.

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Staples sizes

Corrugated Fastener

Lateral grip from the CF15-1-E is ideal for the bracing of frame joints or mitres.

The fastener can be used to repair or reinforce splits along the grain.

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Corrugated Fasteners

C Ringer

The SC7C is the choice for mattresses, cage and other wire applications. Complete with air sprung return, they are fast and easy to use. Trigger fire provides the ultimate in operator control.

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Ring Open Size
Ring Closure Size Min
Ring Closure Size Max

Coil Nailer-CT 70mm Max

Superfast engine and lighter than ever Standard durability features on the N71C-1-E include steel frame protectors and steel lined canister to ensure long life in even the toughest of working environments.

Twist-to-select nail settings make the tool versatile and quick to reload. The integral mounting port (for use with counterbalancers) also makes this tool as effective on the production line as it is in the workshop.

With rubber comfort grip handle and full dust and debris guard the N71C-1-E is the ideal tool for fasteners ranging from 35 to 70mm. Also featuring compact nose design and contact arm giving consistently accurate fastener placement.

Tool features:

SC7 Series

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